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Peptic ulcer disease is a condition in which painful sores or ulcers develop in the lining of the stomach or the first part of the small intestine. This disease is one among the most common gastro intestinal disorder in clinical practice.

According to Ayurveda consumption of incompatible natured food (viruddhahara), abojana (starvation), atibhojana(excess eating) and adhyasana (intake of food prior to digestion of earlier food) all can be the cause for this disease.

Here pitta is the main culprit. Increased intake of coffee or tea, oily/spicy or fried foods, medications such as NSAIDs, irregular eating patterns, helicobacter pylori, stress, drinking alcohol and carbonated beverages contributes to causative factors.

Symptoms include unexplained weight loss, lack of appetite with or without vomiting, constipation and in some cases blood in stool.

Ayurvedic treatment for peptic ulcer aims at reducing the effects of pitta dosha therapies that balances the other doshas like vata and kapha are also employed. Use of medicines combined with a healthy diet and life style is advocated. Panchakarma procedures are also administered. After the disease is controlled with Ayurvedic protocols rasayanas are given to eliminate the residual disease and to provide long term immunity.

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