Kerala Ayurvedic Treatment for Neck Stiffness/Pain

Topic : Neck Stiffness/Pain Ayurvedic Treatment in kerala

A stiff neck often occurs when one of the muscles becomes strained or tense. Stiffness can also develop if one or more of the vertebrae is injured. A stiff neck may become painful when a private tries to manoeuvre their neck or head. Usually, a stiff neck results from a minor injury or incident. People can often relieve the stiffness reception. In rare cases, however, it are often a logo of a big illness that needs medical treatment. At Parathuvayalil, we provide our patients the treatment that matches their body type and doshas

Stiff neck causes

  • Use of hard or a thick pillow

  • Keeping the arm beneath the top while sleeping

  • Keeping the arm beneath the pillow while sleeping,

  • Activities involving prolonged raised arms like flying a kite for a hour,

  • Direct neck injury

  • Regular day sleep,

  • Improper lying or sitting postures,

  • Lifting heavy objects in shoulder or head,

  • Heavy exercise to the neck and shoulder,

  • Constant pressure over the cervical region,

  • Constantly watching a far object for an extended period of your time


  • Stiff neck

  • Sharp pain

  • General soreness

  • Radicular pain

  • Headaches.

  • Trouble with gripping or lifting objects.

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