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Parathuvayalil Ayurveda Hospital, Keezhillam

Parathuvayalil ayuveda hospital is the one of the best ayurveda hospitals in kerala. Since 1955 it started to serve people from chronic diseases. Parathuvayalil is famous for panchakarma treatment follows pure ayurveda principles and organic methodology for the betterment of the patients. parathuvaylil is the best ayurveda hospital in kerala who won global fame by the effectiveness of various ayurvedic treatments. We offer ample of traditional kerala ayurvedic treatments and remedies integrated with modern diagnosis. Under the guidance and the leadership of renowned Dr. Pathrose, Parathuvayalil hospital and his legacy & talented hands, decorates us to reach top position in Kerala.

Parathuvayalil Ayurveda hospital has completed a milestone of 63 glorious years in providing quality ayurvedic treatment for various diseases like arthritis, infertility, back pain, eczema, pcos, asthma, kidney stone, varicose vein and more. We provide proven methods of treatment to cure disc related problems and back pain. We have decades of experience in curing the disc issues, back pain and to give effective treatment and relief for the patients suffering from any kind of pain.

Our roots extended from the Parathuvayalil family, we follow a unique method for the treatment and modern Ayurvedic practices for natural healing of different diseases and been a very successful hospital since the past 63 years providing Ayurvedic Treatment in Kerala. We follow only pure ayurvedic principles and offer some very effective treatment for back pain and arthritis which are the best remedies available in Kerala. Our primary goal is to bring up complete benefits of Ayurvedic Treatments in order to treat various illness of the patients with the help of our expert group of Doctors who are committed to delivering the best results.

Musculoskeletal disorders

We have formed unique treatment methodologies to tread common musculoskeletal disorders like back pain, prolapsed disc, sciatic nerve pain, leg pain, neck pain etc. Our treatment includes Langhana, Deepana, Pachana, Shodana, Vasti and so on, however, treatment may differ from patient to patient based of the doctor’s examination.


Well experience doctors in Parathuvayalil hospitals are capable enough to treat any form of Arthritis such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, Knee Pain, Frozen shoulder, Tennis elbow etc. Doctors initiate the treatment only after the thorough examination of the patient. Generally, treatment includes Langhana, Deepana, Pachana, Shodana, Virechana, Vasti etc.

Neuromuscular disorders

In Parathuvayalil hospital, we have treatments for Strokes, Facial palsy, Hemiplegia, Parkinsonism and other Neuromuscular disorders. Our experienced doctors perform a thorough examination before deciding the treatment. We have a unique way or treat Neuromuscular disorders which include Panchakarna,Yoga, Navarakizhi,vasti, Pizhichil, Rasayana Chikitsa and so on.

Dislocations and Fractures

We have an expert panel of doctors and high-end facilities to treat all types of dislocations and fractures. Our doctor’s use modern medical equipments like X-Ray and the traditional methods for the diagnosis. We perform steaming and apply medicinal pastes made with rare herbs allows the bones and muscles to regain its strength.

Anorectal Disorders

We have specialized doctors and proprietary medicines to ensure fast and pain-free recovery of all types of Anorectal disorders, each patient gets customized treatment plan according to their condition. Our treatment focuses on digestive problems, which is the root cause of Anorectal Disorders. Our Medicines also help the patients to shrink the pile mass quickly.


We have formulated unique medicines which can address the root cause of the issue and provide faster relief. Our treatment is focuses on the root cause of the allergy, which includes restore digestion, balance doshas, strengthen liver and lungs and define a suitable diet for the patient. We also help the patients to create a healthy diet to prevent the reoccurrence.

Chief Physician

Dr. Pathrose, illustrious son of the founder, carried on his noble tradition.He completed his Graduation(B.A.M.S) from Govt: Ayurveda College, Trivandrum with first rank in Kerala University. He is also the first Postgraduate Degree (M.D) holder in Ayurveda (Marmachikitsa and Kayachikitsa) in Kerala. His ability to treat difficult orthopaedic cases without surgical intervention for which the surgery is the last resort, made his name popular among ayurvedic physicians in Kerala. His expertise and leadership made the hospital one of the best ayurvedic hospitals in Kerala.
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Multi Specialty Ayurvedic Hospital with modern amenities.
Department of modern medicine under the same roof for 24 hours casualty care.
Acclaimed as a referral centre and the last resort for patients given grave prognosis by specialists in neurology and orthopaedics...

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