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Ayurvedic Treatment For Varicose Vein

Varicose vein commonly called as Siraja granthi in ayurvedic scripts is a common issue for the people who needs to stand, sit or walk for a longer periods. Veins on the legs loses its elasticity and become tortuous and enlarged, blood gathers in the enlarged areas of the vein and failed to move upwards, usually this happens due to the poor functioning of vein valves. People with varicose vein usually feel pain, fatigue and leg heaviness along with swollen Limbs and fatigue ulcers. Major types of varicose veins are deep varicose vein and superficial varicose vein , usually both types are painful.

Risks of varicose vein is high in women than man , women above 50 years of age have high risk .We have developed unique medicinal formations which balance Vyana Vata , the root cause of varicose vein , we also focus on body weight management which reduces the excessive pressure on the veins. As we treat the root cause of this ailment, results will be safe and permanent. Hundreds of satisfied patients certify that we are the best ayurvedic hospital for Varicose vein treatment in Kerala.