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Caressed and nourished by the River Periyar, which flows between Malayattoor in the north and Paniyeli in the south, the place obtained its name from the routine fight of raftsmen with the wild waves of the river.Earlier bamboos were cut and tied as logs to form a raft. The raftsmen who carried these bamboos to Malayattoor and other places through the river had to battle the tough waves of the river. The place got its name from poru, the Malayalam word which means fight.

The lush green vegetation around Paniyeli Poru is home to numerous species of birds and animals and assures an exotic experience to all visitors. The chirping and twittering of birds, the melody of rivulets and the waterfalls all blend to compose a harmony that would relieve you from all worries. The sight of River Periyar winding its path along the dense forests and rocks is incredible to watch. To those who are into photography, Paniyeli Poru is a not-to-be-missed destination. The canopy of trees, warbling birds, manna - like water.. you will surely be tempted to recapture all the wondrous things in several frames.

Paniyeli Poru is just 28 km away from the Hospital.