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Best Ayurveda Treatment For Piles

A pile (Hemorrhoids) is a medical condition where the veins in the rectum get swollen. This may cause internal inflammation, sensitivity and sometimes may cause rectal bleeding. Ayurvedic treatment helps one to be rescued from piles by avoiding painful treatments or surgeries with after effects. We cure piles using three methods. The first method that we follow is the detoxification and cleansing. This is done by providing the patient, juices prepared out of herbs as a part of his medication. This helps in cleaning up of the intestines.

Later, we also create a prescribed diet for the patient. This diet at the same time is healthy and nutritious. Depending on the stages of recovery, we try to bring a balance in the patient’s diet too. Also, we ensure that there is no recurrence of the same ailment to the person ahead in his life and give preventive measures for the same.