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Those who come to our hospital dreams to be fit and healthy and we assist to make it happen. Our traditional ayurvedic treatments are supported by modern diagnostic technology and an allopathic medicine's department which helps to assess the roots of diseases and the efficacy of the treatment.

Once the disease is diagnosed clearly in both conventional & modern diagnostic manner, we consider what the best Ayurvedic remedy for the patients is and suggest accordingly. Each stage of the treatment is viewed objectively. We have an ingenious history of treating several orthopedic conditions (dislocation and fracture, etc) without surgical intervention; the corrective and manipulative process practiced here has yielded astonishing results. Referral may be made if the patient can be benefited from surgery alone.

All medicines are sourced from own ayurvedic drug manufacturing unit (Pharmaceutical Division). It has a wide range of medicinal compositions for use in the hospital that assures the purity of medicines and improves the accuracy of our treatments.

We only follow pure ayurvedic principles & practices, offer most effective care for our patients and never waste their precious time. Our team of experienced Doctors is committed to delivering the best results.