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Best Ayurveda Hospital For Knee Pain Treatment

Knee pain is a widespread issue which can affect anyone, Knee pain may arise due to an injury to the ligament, cartilage cushion or due to the inflammation. Osteoarthritis also causes knee pain in older people. Excess load to the knees also result in knee pain in a long run. Ayurveda have some excellent medications which can effectively treat knee pain. Ayurvedic medications helps to detoxify the body and balance the Vatha , it also help to strengthens the muscle and regenerate the tissues.

In Parathuvayalil hospital we offers individual care for the patients , treatments are based on each patient’s body type and doshas. Ayurvedic treatment for knee pain includes panchakarma, Dhanyamladhara, Abhyanga, Podikkizhi and Vasthi and other medications. Our treatment combines modern medical technologies and medicines from the ayurveda to treat knee pain.