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Ayurvedic Treatment For Kidney Stone

Kidney stone is the crystallized form of mineral salt deposits formed in the kidney or in the urinary tract. Usually urine can dissolve mineral salts , but in some cases in may not dissolve properly thus the crystals formed . Kidney stone is a common issue in this fast moving world but if untreated, it can cause renal failure. Due to kidney stone you may feel pain in flank, groin or abdomen.

Ayurvedic scripts suggest different herbs to treat kidney stones. In parathuvayalil hospital, we diagnose kidney stone combining holistic approach of ayurveda and modern medical technologies. We use our herbal formulations to dissolve the stones in urine and also improve the urine flow. This treatment is totally painless and don’t have any side effects. Our expertise helped hundreds of patients completely recover from kidney stone. Parathuvayalil hospital offers 100% ayurvedic treatment for Kidney stone in Kerala.