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Why Kerala Ayurveda is good for Back Pain?

Kerala has emerged to be the major tourism brand in India. With a long coastline, breathtaking beaches, lush green tea plantations, and picturesque natural landscapes, Kerala will surely leave you spellbound by its beauty. Kerala is also the birthplace of Ayurveda-the age-old science of life. That’s how it’s rightfully known as the cradle of Ayurveda.

How is Kerala Ayurveda beneficial?

The therapeutic circuit of Ayurveda has expanded itself to every nook and cranny of Kerala. The reason for such immense expansion is the principle behind Ayurveda, which follows a natural way of healing an ailment. It investigates the root cause of a disease and starts the healing process by eliminating the toxins from one’s body, building a stronger mind and healthier body.

The techniques used in Kerala Ayurveda are healing with herbs, changing one’s lifestyle and bringing the one’s body and health back into balance. Unlike allopathy, this ancient Indian medicine system is 100% free of any artificial ingredients and any metal or minerals content. Hence, there are no side effects produced.

The Ayurveda was developed by great scholars and traditional practitioners who have successfully formulated this medicine system using special medicines, therapies and treatments and passed on the same to the future generations. Now, this traditional practice is used for treating various kinds of ailments.

How Kerala Ayurveda Helps in Treating Back Pain?

Back pain is a common ailment faced by most of us these days. Mostly back pain occurs due to bad posture or some other underlying health issues like spinal stenosis, osteoporosis etc.

According to Ayurveda, most of the diseases and ailments occur due to the imbalances of the three biological energies or Doshas- Vata, Pitta,andKapha of a human body.  Of the three Doshas, Vata is responsible for all body movements and pain.

Ayurveda cites that the main cause of back pain is due to the imbalance of Vatadosha. This imbalance can occur due to weak bones and muscles. Kerala Ayurveda helps in gaining the balance back by strengthening the whole body.


What are the prime treatments in Kerala Ayurveda for Back Pain Relief?

Below given are the major treatment techniques used in Kerala Ayurveda for back pain:

Synchronized Massage


A synchronized whole body massage for 50-60 minutes with herbal oil tames Vata, reduces the stiffness of joints and muscles, mobilizes the toxins and increases the circulation.

Marma Massage

marma massage

In this massage, a therapist applies pressure and massages the vital points or the marma using medicated oils. This helps in releasing the muscle tension and helps in fixing the vitiated Vata Dosha.


Kadi Vasthi


Kadi Vasthi is a special type of lower back pain therapy. Here, the patient is made to lie face down on the massage table. Dough made of either black gram flour or whole wheat flour is placed on the lower back area in a ring shape. According to the state of doshas of the patient, medicated oil or herbal decoction is selected by a trained therapist. Into the center of the dough, lukewarm medicated oil or decoction is poured slowly. This therapy reduces pain or inflammation, purifies the blood, strengthens the bones and muscles and lubricates the joints.




In this treatment, boluses of herbal leaves, herbs or powders or medicated oils are made by tying it in a clean cloth and placed and slowly massaged on the whole body.




Pizhichil or Sarvanga Dhara involves bathing the whole body with streams of lukewarm medicated oil with rhythmic and gentle massages. This therapy helps in building up immunity and relieving body pains.


Dhanyamala Dhara


A warm herbal liquid is poured from a hung vessel over the back of the patient for about 45 minutes. This therapy effectively treats any inflammation and gives a relief from the pain.



The Clinical team of the renowned Parathuvayalil Ayurveda Hospital in Keezhillam, Ernakulam have developed a unique treatment method to treat Intervertebral Disc prolapsed which is one of the major cause of back pain in many patients.

After the conventional Ayurveda treatments mentioned above a special cast of POP is applied in the back to immobilize the patient for a period of 2 to 3 weeks. Patient will be relieved from the hospital after the cast put in place. As a result the benefits attained by Ayurveda hospitalization programs will be preserved and 90% of cases the relief became sustainable with no return of pain.

Treatment for Lumbar Disc Prolapse



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