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In present time, when we think about fracture, the first choice arise in our mind is surgery or application of POP cast. In ancient India our legendry Vaidyas like SUSRUTHA – father of surgery lived in 6 th century BC, and his followers treated fracture ( along with other surgical cases) with ayurvedic methods with less complication or no complication either. This might be a wonder for the present era. But it is a reality in which we the Indians can be proud of. Our ancestors, have taken a lot of pain and struggle to mark their findings and observations on the bower manuscripts to transmit this to the future generations. Still majority of Indians doesn’t know the value of our systems and the contributions made to the scientific community by our forefathers. It is our moral responsibility to know it and hold it.


Certainly not. In fact 95% of the fractures, dislocations, ligament injuries can be well treated with ayurvedic methods. Our hospital has devoted itself for the authenticated practicing of ayurvedic therapies including fracture management. In other words it is a pioneer in the management of fracture and other orthopaedic cases, both acute and chronic. Experience gained from the ancestors, skills generated through stringent learning, up gradation of the system all made this organisation as a referral centre of many other modern and ayurvedic hospital. Around the clock, 365 days, the hospital’s fracture management team is alive, with well qualified and experienced doctors and staffs to help the needy individuals.