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Eczema also called Vicharchika in Ayurveda is the term used to define skin rashes and itching. It is mainly caused due to some kind of irritant from outside to which the skin reacts, as a result to which blisters or bubbles are formed on the surface of the body. When frequently touched it might cause immense pain or bleeding. Normally eczema is common in patients with a history of asthma or other frequent allergies (like food, climate, dust etc.) However, through our medical treatment, we find the root causes to eczema in each person and then suggest the remedies depending on the condition of the patient.

Through our professional and experienced team of staff, we find the quickest methods to cure the skin diseases without many side effects. Through our medicines prescribed, we remove the pitas (unwanted secretions) in the body and cleanse them at once. Since pitas play an important role in balancing the body, we also suggest treatments to maintain a balance of the same within the body. We also prescribe medicines that help the body retain the moisture that is lost due to these rashes.