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Best Ayurvedic Treatment For Dislocation In Kerala

A fracture in Ayurvedic term is called as Bhagna. In Ayurveda, the fractures are categorized into two types – dislocation and fracture. However, in Ayurveda, repairing a bone fracture is a much time taking process which can only be done with skill, experience and proper knowledge. It also helps in healing the worn out tissues and ligaments, thereby strengthening them.

Bone fractures are mainly of two types- internal and external. Internal fractures are the fractures that are invisible in the outer body. But they might be much deeper and difficult to cure. External fractures on the other hand, might not be as risky and can be cured over a period of time. We, at Parathuvayalil Hospital, with our experience and expertise knowledge, help in diagnosing and curing the ailment, with no time delay.

The normal treatment for curing bone fracture includes usage of slings and bandages. Apart from these usual methods, we prepare special Ayurvedic pastes and oils out of herbal plants that are highly effective in curing the fracture. We also perform steaming, that helps reduce the swelling or pain and give massages that result in fast recovery of the patient. We confirm the health levels of the patient before suggesting the kind of treatment. Our team, with a clear knowledge on the marmas (vital points of pressure) helps cure any kind of fractures, no matter how critical they are.

Sometimes, a Panchakarma treatment is also given which helps in the detoxification of the body. It helps in regaining the body vitality removes toxins and restores the physical radiance. The Panchakarma treatment includes five types of curing. They are Abhangya (herbal oil massage for the entire body),Garshana (strengthening the lymphatic parts with scrubs), Swedana (herbal steam bath for physical relaxation), Pizichili (divided body massage using oil) and Udavartana (exfoliating the skin) are the four major categories of treatment that we provide. However, we decide the levels of treatment after prior consultation with our team of doctors. Nevertheless, we ensure personal care and attention to all our patients.