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Spondylosis, unlike the usual back pain is the wearing out of tissues. As the fluid circulation within the spinal tissues gets reduced, it may cause in constant friction. This results in a great extent of pain to the patient while sitting or standing for a long time.

At Parathuvayalil, we have a specialized set of clinicians and doctors who have been trained in curing Spondylosis. We follow some very exclusive treatment methods of treatment which relieve the patient completely. Some of our treatment methods include a simple prescription of a proper and healthy diet, Panchakarma (treatment using the five essential herbs), siro dhara (head bath using Ayurvedic herbal liquids), Shiro Vasti (lubrication of the surface of the head using herbal oils), Abhyangam (whole body oil massage), Nadi Swedan (steaming of the joints), Nasyam (cleansing of the respiratory track), Navarakizhi (steaming using Ayurvedic pouches), Elakkizhi (a sedative treatment using herbals). Hundreds of patients from various parts of the country have expressed their satisfaction regarding our efficiency in treatment. Also, Parathuvayalil hospitals have been specially identified for their premium services in spondylitis.